Emerging From the Shell

It’s July, and this creative geek has been busy! I rebuilt the website for work, and have been doing all of the social media there, so I have not been spending much time on my own social media. I have also started teaching paint party classes periodically, and running a book club. Speaking of books,…

All the Tiniest Joys

What do you cherish in your life? When we are asked this question, the usual impulse is to list the big-ticket items, priceless and powerful aspects of life such as family, intelligence, and love. Some may cherish physical objects of great sentimental or monetary value. Some may be focused on physical beauty or great talents….

Post-Election, Constant Trigger

I endured nearly an entire school period of being ridiculed and put down. I was put on in-school suspension. I was accused of “ruining school spirit” because I’d made a guy from the wrestling team fall on the floor. This wasn’t the only incident in junior high, but it sticks out as the first time that I really realized victim blaming existed, and that some kids – usually white boys on sports teams – could get away with almost anything. That sense of discord has been extremely prevalent since Trump became the PE.

Sentenced to Pain by the DEA

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve seen me talk about Kratom, a natural leaf related to coffee that has amazing pain management properties without the terrible side-effects of opiates. If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve probably heard a bunch of people with no actual knowledge or experience going bananas about how kratom is…

Does Rape Belong in Entertainment?

Continuing to have well-told stories that make people confront the fact that this happens is, in my opinion, important. Scrubbing away elements that make people uncomfortable is, to me, a way of sterilizing the truth. A way of enforcing continued silence.

Empty Nest of Summer

We are one week into the NYC summer vacation. I began the break with the ACS Relay for Life of Middle Village. I was team captain, and we had a Star Trek theme for our team. I even made a fun hair bow to wear to match my captain’s shirt. As it turned out, the…

NYC Schools Assign Too Much Homework

Childhood is supposed to be a time full of happy memories and carefree fun. Instead, we are giving our children fewer breaks than most adults receive. We are filling young children with stress and anxiety, and taking away time for social interaction and learning personal skills. I think it is time that we stop this nonsense and allow kids to be kids again, instead of pressuring them to be high-performance androids.

Regarding Buckets of Ice and Saving the World

I want to change the world. I want to help people everywhere to find happiness, health, peace, and safety. I don’t want people to suffer. If there were a way that I could show everyone that we all have more in common than we usually see, I would. If I could end hate, bigotry, racism,…

Sharing An Odd Dream

I am staring up at the sky. The stars don’t seem to twinkle. They are just blurs of light in the blackness. I cannot move. I cannot blink. I hope someone will come and fix this predicament soon.

My Shore Leave 2014 Schedule

It’s that time of year again! I will be a guest on four different panels at this weekend’s Shore Leave convention in Hunt Valley, MD. Friday, August 1 7-8pm in the concierge suite Gender in Fandom I will be moderating, and my fellow panelists will be Lorraine Anderson, Rigel Ailur, and Susan Olesen Saturday, August…

Selfies for a Positive Self-Image

Selfies. Although most of us have taken them, they have become a subject of ridicule and scorn. Taking a selfie is often considered vain or selfish, and the internet is there to criticize each and every one. Everyone’s a critic.  But, in a time when we are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities and advertisements,…

Investigating Kratom

Chances are, if you are someone who lives with chronic pain, you have heard of kratom.  Kratom is a natural herb that is often used to treat pain.  It has also fallen under a great deal of scrutiny, because there are many people who wish to criminalize anything that some people might use for pleasure….