Emerging From the Shell

It’s July, and this creative geek has been busy! I rebuilt the website for work, and have been doing all of the social media there, so I have not been spending much time on my own social media. I have also started teaching paint party classes periodically, and running a book club. Speaking of books,…

All the Tiniest Joys

What do you cherish in your life? When we are asked this question, the usual impulse is to list the big-ticket items, priceless and powerful aspects of life such as family, intelligence, and love. Some may cherish physical objects of great sentimental or monetary value. Some may be focused on physical beauty or great talents….

Does Rape Belong in Entertainment?

Continuing to have well-told stories that make people confront the fact that this happens is, in my opinion, important. Scrubbing away elements that make people uncomfortable is, to me, a way of sterilizing the truth. A way of enforcing continued silence.

Empty Nest of Summer

We are one week into the NYC summer vacation. I began the break with the ACS Relay for Life of Middle Village. I was team captain, and we had a Star Trek theme for our team. I even made a fun hair bow to wear to match my captain’s shirt. As it turned out, the…

Regarding Buckets of Ice and Saving the World

I want to change the world. I want to help people everywhere to find happiness, health, peace, and safety. I don’t want people to suffer. If there were a way that I could show everyone that we all have more in common than we usually see, I would. If I could end hate, bigotry, racism,…

The Steubenville Trigger

In the wake of the media circus surrounding the Steubenville rape case, people are taking notice of the way our culture treats rape.  There are now many articles and blogs that talk about the case, what it means for our society, and what should or shouldn’t be done.  If you are here reading this blog,…

Encouraging Positive Change

Tomorrow, I plan to take some time out from my usual reading, writing, blogging, tweeting, housework, and PTA duties. Instead of searching for a way to cram all of those activities into a single day, I am going to make a stand, in my own way, against all of the hate in our society today….