New projects have been envisioned!

One year, I don’t remember whether we had a Christmas tree, but I do remember helping my mom cover the entire front room with kraft paper, and making presents and ribbons and even a life-size fireplace out of paper. We hung our stockings in front of the paper fireplace. It was like the world had been magically transformed, and my Mom became a hero because she had done this. I also recall a time when she sat on the floor with me and we drew pictures on haunted houses using my huge box of crayons. My Mom is a very creative person, and the times when I was able to share the creation of things with her are cherished moments. I even remember hunting together for pinecones and then dipping them in glue and glitter to make beautiful sparkling decorations.

My Life is Like a Spiderweb

Here it is, January 2012. Some believe it is the end of the world. Many of us know that the Mayan calendar does not end, but begins again. Does this mean that history is doomed to repeat itself, as the calendar repeats? One thing I have noticed over the past year (from filling out dates…