Investigating Kratom

Chances are, if you are someone who lives with chronic pain, you have heard of kratom.  Kratom is a natural herb that is often used to treat pain.  It has also fallen under a great deal of scrutiny, because there are many people who wish to criminalize anything that some people might use for pleasure….


I-Con 29 went swimmingly well! It was great to be back, and for the convention to be back on the Stonybrook campus! I saw old friends, made new ones, and had an excellent time! My first panel was on Women in Gaming, and we had an excellent group of panelists as well as a bright…


I mentioned earlier that I had written an article about police preparedness in the event of zombie attacks, so I should also tell you that this led to a guest spot on the Chronic Rift Podcast in October 2009. I was part of a roundtable discussion with Jim Salicrup, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, and Jay…

ComicMix Articles

I am a semi-regular contributor to I have written about a variety of topics there, and you can view all of them here. I have also included below the links to each individual article, broken down by subject matter.