All the Tiniest Joys

What do you cherish in your life? When we are asked this question, the usual impulse is to list the big-ticket items, priceless and powerful aspects of life such as family, intelligence, and love. Some may cherish physical objects of great sentimental or monetary value. Some may be focused on physical beauty or great talents….

Empty Nest of Summer

We are one week into the NYC summer vacation. I began the break with the ACS Relay for Life of Middle Village. I was team captain, and we had a Star Trek theme for our team. I even made a fun hair bow to wear to match my captain’s shirt. As it turned out, the…

NYC Schools Assign Too Much Homework

Childhood is supposed to be a time full of happy memories and carefree fun. Instead, we are giving our children fewer breaks than most adults receive. We are filling young children with stress and anxiety, and taking away time for social interaction and learning personal skills. I think it is time that we stop this nonsense and allow kids to be kids again, instead of pressuring them to be high-performance androids.

Alligator’s Friends Need Your Help

For some time now, I have been creating whimsical pictures of animals using torn scraps of interesting paper.  This began as a project when both of my children were toddlers. It was a rainy week, and we were all sitting together downstairs, with a bright array of origami paper spread out on the floor around…

Solar Schools Need to Happen!

Right now, thousands of parents who work in offices are enjoying nice, cool air conditioning while their children are sweltering in school.  My own kids are currently in a school that only has partial A/C. My daughter is in a moderately air conditioned room, and my six-year-old asthmatic son is in a sauna. While many…