Post-Election, Constant Trigger

I endured nearly an entire school period of being ridiculed and put down. I was put on in-school suspension. I was accused of “ruining school spirit” because I’d made a guy from the wrestling team fall on the floor. This wasn’t the only incident in junior high, but it sticks out as the first time that I really realized victim blaming existed, and that some kids – usually white boys on sports teams – could get away with almost anything. That sense of discord has been extremely prevalent since Trump became the PE.


A Vote For Trump Perpetuates Rape Culture

We live in frightening times. A large number of Americans are buying in to the dangerous rhetoric of Donald Trump. We have known for some time that Trump appeals to white supremacists, and that he is peddling a dangerous brand of nationalism that is akin to what happened prior to the second World War. No…

Sentenced to Pain by the DEA

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve seen me talk about Kratom, a natural leaf related to coffee that has amazing pain management properties without the terrible side-effects of opiates. If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve probably heard a bunch of people with no actual knowledge or experience going bananas about how kratom is…

Does Rape Belong in Entertainment?

Continuing to have well-told stories that make people confront the fact that this happens is, in my opinion, important. Scrubbing away elements that make people uncomfortable is, to me, a way of sterilizing the truth. A way of enforcing continued silence.

Investigating Kratom

Chances are, if you are someone who lives with chronic pain, you have heard of kratom.  Kratom is a natural herb that is often used to treat pain.  It has also fallen under a great deal of scrutiny, because there are many people who wish to criminalize anything that some people might use for pleasure….

Transportation Etiquette?

I live in the wonderful City of New York.  This is a city full of wonderful parks, amazing museums, cultural institutions, and rich historical significance.  I love New York!  That said, in a city of 8 million people, I do not love all of the people who are here.  Not to say I hate them,…

Solar Schools Need to Happen!

Right now, thousands of parents who work in offices are enjoying nice, cool air conditioning while their children are sweltering in school.  My own kids are currently in a school that only has partial A/C. My daughter is in a moderately air conditioned room, and my six-year-old asthmatic son is in a sauna. While many…


I mentioned earlier that I had written an article about police preparedness in the event of zombie attacks, so I should also tell you that this led to a guest spot on the Chronic Rift Podcast in October 2009. I was part of a roundtable discussion with Jim Salicrup, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, and Jay…

ComicMix Articles

I am a semi-regular contributor to I have written about a variety of topics there, and you can view all of them here. I have also included below the links to each individual article, broken down by subject matter.

Looking Back

About a year ago, I wrote a review of the Joss Whedon series Dollhouse for At the time, I had not seen an important pivotal switch in the series, which was a real game-changer. I still maintain that FOX did not market the show accurately for the content, but what network ever does? You…