The Brightest Star

After a bit of a hiatus, I have determined that the shock of the state of the world in the past year was really preventing me from doing the one thing this blog was intended to reflect: creating! I’ve been writing, yes – to elected officials. Energy not spent on family and work has been pouring into politics more than art. Spaces where I usually tell my social media clients to avoid political conflict have been full of political conflict on my own media (I know, practice what you preach). I will continue to be politically involved, because if we do not continue to speak up, we will be drowned out. I am still appalled by what is happening. Discussions at this past weekend’s ShoreLeave brought home some good points about not letting go of the beauty in the world while fighting the battle against what puts ugliness in our world.

I can still write letters, make calls, sign petitions, support artists and companies that believe all people are created equal, retweet articles from world news organizations fighting to show the truth. I can still raise money for charity, as I did as a team captain to raise money for cancer last month. As I am doing to raise money for Lupus in November. I can still support local museums and cultural institutions, donate to important causes even if i can only afford a few bucks here and there.

But it is time to also start putting creative energy back into the world. One thing recent politics have done is to shut down imagination with fear. The dire state of our education and arts programs are solid proof of this. We are being worn thin, stripped of imagination, so horrified by the unthinkable farce that is causing the infrastructure of democracy to rust to bits that we forget to create. I receive over a hundred emails a day from organizations that are using the same kind of fearmongering headlines that you’d expect from some hyped-up xenophobic rag that helped put us in this mess. An us vs. them mentality. “GIVE US MONEY TODAY OR TRUMP WINS!” “YOU HAVEN’T DONATED – DO YOU LIKE TRUMP?!?!?!?” “GOP WANTS YOU TO DIE!” – not what I signed up for, and nobody needs their adrenals completely broken when actual life or death situations may be around the corner (healthcare). Therefore, we must create.

We must bring some beauty back into the world. No, do not put up with your neighbor’s casual racism. No, don’t give up on telling your elected officials to do their job. Just bring some beauty to the table as well. Paint a picture, write a poem, make a necklace, build a rainbow tower out of Legos. Don’t let go of your inner-child. Sing a song before bed if that’s all you have time for. Just give your soul a little something to end the day on as positive a note as possible so you have enough power to keep going on.

I’ve heard a lot of people who are terrified of little girls peeing in public bathrooms say that liberals are special snowflakes that need safe spaces. We’re not snowflakes. We’re stars. We’re trying to make a safe universe shine for everyone.


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      Thank you! 🙂

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