Kitty Shenanigans!

We have a new cat in the house. She is a feisty, energetic ball of calico fuzz. She’s clumsy, silly, playful, and delighted to have a forever home. We call her Tuppence.


Bleys, having been an only cat for most of his 16 years, is not overly thrilled about tuppence. He tried. He was exceptionally patient, and lasted nearly three months before he unsheathed his claws. He allowed Tuppence to curl up with him a few times, and every time, she simply could not resist biting his tail.


Like people, the cats have different personalities and quirks. Tuppence was a rescue, and it is clear that a cat rescued after living on the street for at least a year is very different from rescuing the kitten of a rescued pregnant cat. Bleys has only ever known being indoors, having food security, and having shelter. Tuppence had to make her way in the world for a while. She still seems to be figuring out domestic life.

Some of the weird quirks we noticed are:

  1. She’s obsessed with spiders! She will hunt them down, and thinks they are a tasty snack!
  2. Water fascinates her! She’s always climbing in sinks, stands on the tub when someone is taking a bath, doesn’t mind baths herself, and will attempt to commandeer any liquid being consumed by a human (or at least stick her face in it and knock it over).
  3. She likes plastic. She’ll lay on top of it without a care, whereas Bleys is frightened of it.
  4. She doesn’t quite get how cats cuddle, and so she tries to groom anyone who pets her.
  5. She’s bitey!

I am very glad we were able to rescue her. She had been classified as aggressive, but it turns out she is just a bit over-enthusiastic about playing. She’s completely enamored with Bleys, but can’t comprehend why he doesn’t wish to play. She also tries to eat everything in sight.

I wanted to share this news about Tuppence, because there are 70 Million stray cats in the United States. When Tuppence came to us, it was like she had won the lottery. She had food, shelter, toys, a safe space to play and sleep, and people (and another cat!) to keep her company! If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting a rescue animal. You’ll save a life, and they will bring joy to yours.



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