Alligator’s Friends is Almost Here!

To say I have been busy for the past few months is an understatement! I have been keeping up with the kids, my PTA duties, a NEW JOB, and finishing my children’s book, Alligator’s Friends. Now, all of the artwork has been completed, scanned, and gone through the layout process. The book is set to print, and then all of the wonderful people who backed me on my IndieGoGo campaign will get to see the book they helped make possible!

The Fox from Alligator's Friends
The Fox from Alligator’s Friends


I would like to thank the following people, who helped make my dream come true!

Elizabeth & Steven Adorno

Lorraine Anderson

Marcia Epstein

Rachel & Paul Goldstein

Bob Greenberger

Cherie Lou Hyde

Alex & Amy Kolker

Gwen Koltun

Amelia Lynch

Lisa McMullan

Ed & Launi Purcell

Jack Reichert

Helen Lee Reid

Arwen Rosenbaum

Aaron Rosenberg

Allan Rosenberg

Shelly Stalvey

Martha Thomases

Cherie Louise Voorhees

Dayton Ward

Margaret Zeddies

…and everyone else who asked to remain anonymous, offered moral support, and otherwise made this happen! ❤

You are all my heroes today, and I can’t wait to share the finished book with you!

The raccoon from Alligator's Friends
The raccoon from Alligator’s Friends

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