Bleys Says Hi

If you know geeks who have pets, there’s a pretty decent chance that you know geeks whose pets are named after characters from a book, comic, television series, or film.  In all actuality, you may even know geeks whose children are named after genre characters (who, me?).  Given this information, it will probably not surprise the readers of this blog that my cat is named after a character from Roger Zelazny’s The Chronicles of Amber series.  Our Bleys is an orange tabby. he is handsome and dashing, clever and quick, and he can tear you apart if you cross him.  The name was a perfect fit.

Bleys!Bleys likes to sit with me when I am online.  He is especially interested in watching the screen when I play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.  He enjoys laying on the keyboard when I am blogging or writing a paper for class.  He is also fond of batting at gaming dice, lounging on the back of chairs, and zooming through the house yodeling like a drunken lion at four in the morning.  Why am I telling you about my cat? Because today, I sat down to blog about a recipe for stuffed acorn squash, and Bleys decided it was time to stand in front of the screen and prevent me from posting the recipe.  He wanted to be the center of attention, so I decided to tell the world about our awesome cat.

Handsome bleys

If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably seen some of the pictures I have posted of Bleys on my Animals are Cute board.

So, Bleys says hello, and we both wish you a lovely day.


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