Making Moustaches!

Anyone who has been following fun and popular things to do lately has probably seen that pretend moustaches are a big deal.  Sunglasses come with one attached, pre-glued ones abound, temporary tattoo finger ‘staches, even gold necklaces with jeweled moustache-shaped pendants! I thought I had blogged about the ‘staches I made this summer, and perhaps I did and simply cannot locate the post.  So, here we go…

1. Lay out some wax paper.

A friend was having a birthday party featuring moustaches, and I wanted to make the most sparkly, pretty one around! I gathered my supplies, which were wax paper, white glue, and angelina fiber (which can be obtained via craft stores, and even in the supplies section at Etsy). I rolled out some wax paper on top of my super pretty strawberry tablecloth.

2. Apply glue to your wax paper in the desired shape.

I figured I would go with something classic. As much as I wanted a fancy Poirot-inspired moustache (I notice that I am supposed to be spelling this “mustache,” but I started reading Poirot at an early age, so it must be spelled as he would spell it), I didn’t think that the first time trying would be a great idea. I carefully spread the glue into the shape I wanted on the wax paper. I didn’t go with hot glue, because it would have been too thick and too easy to burn, and would have cooled too soon. I also wanted something non-toxic and easy to use.

3. Grab a chunk of fiber, about 1″ in width.
4. Twist the fiber tightly.

After selecting a chunk of fiber, twist it firmly into the shape you desire, and lay it carefully over the glue. You will then allow it to dry for at least 8 hours.

5. Allow it to dry on the wax paper.

When it is dry, it will peel from the wax paper, and you will have a little moustache to bring with you.  You can get a cosmetic adhesive, such as spirit gum, with which to apply your moustache.  Some people get those little sticky dots to use because they are often easier to find in the non-Halloween season. Being that this IS Halloween season, your local costume outlet (superstore, drugstore, party warehouse, craft store, etc.) will have the right adhesive if they re worth their salt. Or, you can attach your ‘stache to a wire, stick (chopstick, knitting needle, toothpick, fireplace match – painted to match if you wish), or other implement so that it may appear only when you want it to.


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  1. Steph says:

    Ok if I was not fall over exhausted right now I would run to the store and get the pink fiber to make these for breast cancer awareness day at work tomorrow…I love this idea. Maybe if I get up extra early…Walmart is open 24 hours!!

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