Creativity and me


I started this blog as a place where I could geek out about things, share ideas, and, yes, talk about the cool stuff I do with my kids.  It somehow became much more about the kids than the geekery.  Perhaps this is a stage that all parents go through, perhaps it is just a stage I am experiencing.  Either way, I have to say that the mommy blog aspect is amusing to me.  When I first started writing articles for ComicMix a few years ago, I was determined not to get stuck just doing the mommy pieces, so I carved out a little niche for myself in the world of zombies.  I’ve interviewed police stations in major metropolitan areas about zombies, I have been a guest speaker on convention panels and podcasts about zombies, I even worked with a zombie makeup crew for a History channel special.  I’ve always thought zombies were fascinating.  I went as a zombie for Halloween in 1988, when I first started getting issues of Fangoria magazine at the local bookstore. I was already very into horror movies (like many kids in middle school), and zombies were fascinating because they were so terrifying. So, when I saw the chance to be a zombie blogger instead of a mommy blogger, I jumped!

Now, oddly, I have become more of a mommy blogger (and, occasionally, a nail polish blogger and a cat owning blogger – hence the photo of my nails and my cat’s pretty feet above).  This may have a lot to do with the fact that my kids are older.  They have a ton of extracurricular activities, and I spend most of my time with them. I am happy to say that I am introducing them to many aspects of geekery that are near and dear to my heart.  They made tribbles at Shore Leave convention this summer.  They are fans of Star Wars. My son loves Lord of the Rings. They both adore the Avengers, and have their own budding comic collections. I am proud of my little geeks!  I do plan to continue posting about what they do, but I also feel the need to get back to the things that drive my own fandom. Things, like the Walking Dead, that are not right for my kids.

Over the summer, I took a creative writing course.  One of our assignments was to re-write the ending of Poe’s classic Tell-Tale Heart.  I assume many of you are familiar with this tale.  So, in the spirit of getting this blog going again now that the kids are back on a regular school schedule, here is my alternate ending:

I fully expected the old man to be dead, as the horrid beating had finally ceased. Indeed! I did not feel the thud of his heart, and thought I had been victorious! But what should happen next? The eye — that insidious eye! It opened and cast its phantom gaze

upon me! In that instant, I wondered if I were truly mad! I fell back upon my heels, unsteady with concern. He arose! Though no beat sounded from his now stilled heard, his figure was animated, reaching toward me! I had not time to think, and scrambled toward the wall, struggling to dim the lantern so that the Eye might not see me. So that I might not see the Eye! Yet still, he progressed! I could hear his feet sliding on the floorboards – the very boards beneath which I had planned to entomb him! He made no sounds but the rustling of nightclothes and skin against the floor. I found myself longing for the heart to beat again! But perhaps now, it was my own beating heart which drew him toward me in the dark! Time was of the essence! I opened the lantern fully, and hurled it at the approaching corpse! It made a hissing sound as the flames began to take hold, and yet still, he approached! Fumbling with the secured shutters, I managed to throw them open, calling Fire! Fire! – so as to allay any suspicion of arson. Yes, even in this unforeseen turn of events, my wit remained sharp! I threw myself from that window, escaping the now smoldering corpse, and fled into the night! Yet still, these many years later, the memory of that Eye haunts me whenever darkness falls.

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