Too Many Socks!

Those of you who have met me have probably heard me say there is no such thing as too many socks.  I happen to love socks, especially if they are brightly colored, whimsical, and extra-long.  I wear socks as if it were still the Eighties – in bright colors, scrunched around the ankle, and often in contrast to each other.  Wearing fun socks is an extra little bit of happiness added to my day.

But, as you may have concluded, it IS possible to have too many socks!  Additionally, when you have many pairs of socks, you still get to a point where some of them wear out and need to be replaced.  The question arises: What do I do with these old socks?

Now, there are many tried and true options here.  When my parents had a farm, they would fill an old sock with sulfur powder to wave around their legs so they would not get bitten by insects.  I’ve seen socks filled with soil and grass seeds, making an almost chia-pet-like ball of cat grass or interesting little mounds of foliage. I’ve seen arm-warmers, leg warmers, and quilts.  Old socks make great over-the-hand rags for household chores, they can be turned into puppets and stuffed animals and “door snakes” – the list goes on.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to remove the remnants of a chipped manicure from my nails.  The little cotton squares I had gotten for the purpose were inefficient, and kept leaving cotton particles on my hands.  When I tried to use tissues, I had little particles of paper dust everywhere.  I had to use a lot more remover then I’d hoped to, and the polish wouldn’t come completely off.

I looked over at the pile of socks sitting on my bed, waiting to be sorted.  I knew that some of those socks were several years old, and were the worse for wear.  I grabbed one of the elder socks and used it to remove my nail polish. Success!  The strength and texture of the sock took off the polish without leaving residue, and with far less remover than is necessary with cotton balls or tissues!  In fact, just one small portion of the sock was sufficient for all of my nails, which meant i could waste a lot less while cleaning my nails off more thoroughly!

I grabbed some scissors and cut the old socks into two inch strips, saving them for future color changes. They continue to be the perfect item for this job, and I wanted to share this with everyone in case you, too have an over-abundance of old socks.

What other interesting uses have all of you discovered for old socks?


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