Cardboard Luxury Home


As a parent who is concerned about proper nutrition for her kids, I try to get the best food available.  That said, I only have a certain amount of time per week, and I do not have the option of driving to the grocery store while my children are at school.  Needless to say, I was very happy when we started using Fresh Direct, because I can have fresh produce delivered to my house. It’s a win-win.

The food arrives in very sturdy boxes. As those of you who have been reading this blog already know, I had a large amount of cardstock on hand for my kids to make Valentine’s Day cards for their classes and my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  What you may not know, is that my daughter has been asking for a dollhouse.  Now, to be honest, I really wanted to get her one of those massive wooden dollhouses that looks like a smaller-scale Colonial mansion. I also did not want to get her one of those mass-produced plastic dollhouses that smells like the pink aisle at Toys R Us.  I found myself thinking about how my daughter, as a tween, might outgrow a dollhouse in a couple of years, anyway.  Then, last weekend, my friend Lisa came over for St. Patrick’s Day, and mentioned that it would be fun to do something crafty.

Sudden epiphany! I realized that, with all of the cardmaking supplies, some glue, and a Fresh Direct box (plus the divider inserts from a FD order), we could make a dollhouse for the Pixie! We began with the box, and cut squares for windows, covering both sides of those squares with clear packing tape so the windows had “glass”.  I cut dividers to fit inside to separate out the rooms, and used two dividers on top to make a roof. These were secured with hot glue.  Meanwhile, Lisa was busy creating furniture with cardboard from the Fresh Direct dividers, and “upholstering” them with scrapbooking paper. We cut large sheets of cardstock to line the inner walls and floors, and I went through some shells my parents sent us from St. Kitts to find some that looked like good candidates for a sink and a toilet in the bathroom.  Window treatments were made with patterned cardstock, and Lisa used scalloping scissors to create a textured border on the roof with contrasting colors. The whole process from cardboard box to dollhouse ready for use took about two hours.

Not only was the Pixie thrilled, but SuperDude really enjoyed taking a break from Angry Birds to peek through the windows at his sister.  She immediately moved her Polly Pocket and LaLaLoopsy dolls into the house, and it has been the primary focus of creative play for the kids all week – with a few visits from SuperDude’s Spider-Man action figure swooping in via helicopter just to keep things interesting.

For many years, I have taken the sturdiest cardboard boxes we have received and painted them to look nice so that they could be used as toyboxes for specific items…Legos, blocks, cars, dolls, etc… It is a quick and inexpensive way to come up with something you need in a hurry, as most paint dries within a couple hours.  Each of my kids also has a box to keep papers, coloring books, and art supplies, and these painted cardboard boxes have outlasted the plastic bins and wicker baskets I purchased for the same purposes. We even keep an extra painted box for shoes so that the kids always know where to put their footwear when they come home.  The motto is reduce, reuse, recycle – and we are devoted recyclers, but sometimes re-purposing boxes can be even more useful, and much more fun.

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