Happy Birthday, GSUSA!

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!

Some of the best fun I remember as a kid was during my brief time as a Brownie Girl Scout. I also have very fond memories of how lovely summertime was when my sister was away at Girl Scout camp.  So, when I discovered that there was a troop nearby that my daughter could join, I was stoked! The Pixie really loves being a Brownie, and she has made many new friends, and become a little less shy and a lot more adventurous.  When I found out that there was going to be a flashmob in NYC for the 100th anniversary of GSUSA, I was very excited! We rode the subway with the Pixie’s troop, and attended the flashmob – where there was a giant friendship circle, and everyone sang “Make New Friends” before dispersing to the Girl Scout HQ for birthday cake. A wonderful time was had by all!

I think that this kind of group activity for kids is an enriching experience that they will cherish their entire lives. After we had cake, we went out for dinner – my husband and son were with us, as well as some friends of ours – to celebrate the day. On the walk back to the subway station, we saw the Empire State Building, alight in green in honor of this special day for Girl Scouts. It was a perfect photo opportunity!


One very happy Brownie!

In a time when some people are attacking wonderful organizations like the Girl Scouts, it is important to remember that the point is for girls to make friends, have fun, and learn new skills. If you had told me a year ago that my daughter would willingly try ice skating, would happily go into the city to participate in a flashmob, and would be able to move past her shyness to speak in class, I would not have believed you. Being a brownie is what has encouraged her to push beyond her fears and live life more fully. This is something we should encourage, not condemn.

I am very proud to be the Mom of one very awesome Brownie Girl Scout!

Happy birthday, GSUSA! May you continue to inspire girls for many centuries to come.


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  1. Jenifer Rosenberg says:

    Thank you to the wonderful Lisa-Michelle McMullan for taking the excellent pictures in my post when my camera malfunctioned!

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