Recent Projects and Other Activities

My Cat
Have you hugged your cat today?

As I continue my studies, I have found that the balance between parenting, chores, coursework, and creativity is rather elusive.  There is so much on my cafeteria tray of life that I only get to taste a little bit of the fun stuff.  This is why I try to work some creative endeavors into other aspects of my life – making Valentines with my kids, crocheting while gaming, and arranging food in amusing patterns.  Sometimes the creative mind needs to find happiness wherever possible. Sometimes, cats with busy owners don’t feel they are receiving enough attention. Sometimes… you need to make something for your pet so they know they are loved.  My dear Bleys was feeling forlorn last week because he was still upset that the radiator had been used as a drying space for Valentine cards, instead of being his personal cat sauna.

A sweet valentine
One of those cat-displacing Valentines....

So, during Friday’s Exalted game, Bleys sat stubbornly in my lap while I was working on my Hufflepuff scarf. I took pity on him. after all, he had been less than ecstatic about the little ball of golden yarn I had given him as a plaything, and it was clear that he just wanted a little TLC.  As it turned out, I was so busy describing the antics of my character, I dropped a few stitches and my scarf needs reworking! Ack! I knew I didn’t have the right amount of concentration to fix the scarf, so I took out a different ball of yarn…some gorgeous blue boucle yarn… and I made Bleys a hat! He was pleased, and actually wore his new hat for three hours before realizing that he was again allowed to lay on the radiator.

A Hat for a Cat
Bleys enjoys his hat.

Okay, it is clear that I have not had nearly enough time and energy to satisfy my need to create! But the good news is that I WILL be a gaming guest at the upcoming I-Con convention March 30th-April 1st! My husband, the ever-awesome Aaron Rosenberg, will be a gaming AND literary guest (because he rocks, and is far better at multitasking than I). So, if you are there, come by and say hello!

In the meantime, HAVE you hugged your cat today?


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