My Life is Like a Spiderweb

Here it is, January 2012. Some believe it is the end of the world. Many of us know that the Mayan calendar does not end, but begins again. Does this mean that history is doomed to repeat itself, as the calendar repeats? One thing I have noticed over the past year (from filling out dates on my old-fashioned paper wall calendars – this year’s being Yoga Cats) is that there have been more eclipses of various forms than seems usual. One hopes that this means the Universe is trying to push things to be harmonious. I have been finishing up my World Civilizations course, and I have seen how, throughout history, entire governments have behaved like posturing tweens trying to outdo each other. I suspect that a portion of humanity will never act like responsible adults. I also suspect that politicians who cut educational funding do not want people to learn about history, and to see how it is being repeated.

With so much going on in the world around us, we still have to keep up with our own lives. It is draining and, probably, unhealthy to live through the nightly melodrama of the nightly news. I try to keep up with reading what is going on in the world, but listening to people reporting it, I have noticed, makes my blood pressure wonky. I have to find a balance.

That’s what life is, when you really think about it – a balancing act…or the branches of a tree, or a spiderweb. Everything has to have a certain symmetry to work, but if you don’t keep the foundation strong, or if you let too much pile up, it will collapse. I feel like my spiderweb is sturdier than it has ever been, but that condensation is building up on it… droplets forming that make the structure harder to maintain, and that also make the weaknesses more visible to others. In response, I must remind myself that a dewy web can be very beautiful, and that it can be re-built if it does collapse.

My class schedule is pretty tight, and when I get to the final week of a class, I lose my creative time for a few days as I write papers and finalize discussions. I am on the last day of a class today, and I should be writing my final paper about the roles of women from 1500-present. I am happy to have a topic that interests me. I have a basic outline, I have my thesis, and I have my references – the reference page already done in proper APA format! What I do not have is the desire to do anything non-creative! I want to paint! I want to write! I want to finish illustrating the book I am making for my kids! I have even taken up crocheting again, with the idea of eventually making a blanket and many cute hats!

I feel as if I am in the midst of a creative starvation period, and I need an outlet! The best I have managed was to doodle a picture of a fox on a small tablet of paper and write “You have been out-foxed!”

Not very impressive for the creative element of the Creative Geek, to be sure! I am, however, reading books that I plan to review (once I finish my final paper and move on the my American history course), and keeping up with some of my favorite programs. Thank goodness (ie. contributors) for PBS! I have been watching Downton Abbey and Sherlock. It seems (fingers crossed!) that NBC hasn’t gone completely out of touch with what consumers want, and has actually begun airing new episodes of Prime Suspect again! Yay! Let’s hope they actually get a clue and renew it, because it is much better than anything else on broadcast networks. I recently watched the first disk of LotR:tTT with my family. The kids do best with one segment at a time. I knew that Tolkien’s writing had been influenced by WWI, but I was really struck by it after studying the war more in-depth. Re-watching the first season of Downton Abbey before starting the second via the PBS website also reiterated some points. Again, it’s not as if there isn’t documentation of things that have happened in the past – why do people not learn from history?

I was talking about my spiderweb earlier – if each strand were to represent something I have to do (the crucial things being the foundation strands, the less-crucial things being the smaller cross-strands), I have the roles of parent, daughter, granddaughter, wife, student, friend, PTA board member, and self. I have lost track of all the smaller connectors. I have a very detailed schedule, but my to-do list is overflowing. The other day, while mending a tear in my daughter’s pajamas, I noticed three (THREE!!!) unfinished necklaces in my project box. I still haven’t started that blanket, I still haven’t re-painted the kitchen or bathroom. I still want to start a podcast! I probably owe several people calls or emails. What I am finding, though, is that one must truly focus on their foundation strands – keep that web secure! If you hold on and maintain the most necessary elements, then once the rain clears, you can go catch all the things on your cross-strands.

And that is exactly what I plan to do.


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