October! It is over!

It’s not that I am not a happy little creative geek in October – it’s that I’m an incredibly BUSY one!  I made it through the month, and even had a chance to flex my creativity!

Since there wasn’t a solid pumpkin crop this year, I opted to paint my front window instead of lining the walk with jack-o-lanterns.  The few pumpkins we did acquire are small, and will be made into food, so they weren’t carved.

Since I am on the PTA board at the school my children attend, I had to come up with a kid-friendly (non-scary) costume.  I decided to go as a ragdoll.

That's me in the pink.

I didn’t have a lot of time to pull the costume together, so I headed over to eBay to see what I could find.  For a total of about $30, I acquired a pink felt circle skirt with embroidered flowers, a patchwork blouse, some striped pink socks, and some sparkly makeup (I got the makeup at a regular store).  I had two other pairs of pink socks, one argyle and one striped, and I had a pink bandana, a pink wig, and a cute grey top with a pink plaid scottie on the front. I put it all together, made myself a little heart-shaped nose, and I was good to go. I haven’t has so many people tell me I was cute since I was a baby!

So, since October is through, I am finally remembering what it is like to have time to get things accomplished!  I’m finishing up reading some fiction now that I don’t have as much non-fiction to read for class.  I have also gotten back in to watching both Dexter and The Walking Dead.  For the first time in years, I am not participating in NaNoWriMo.  It is also the first time in a while that we are going to have Thanksgiving at home – so I’ll be breaking out my famous Guinness basted turkey!

Wherever November takes you, may you be happy, healthy, safe, sound, and positively excellent!


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