The Whirlwind that is Summer

As mentioned, I was planning to have guest bloggers all Summer because, naturally, it is a very busy season.  It turns out that it is a very busy season for everyone, because several people have had schedule upheavals and weren’t able to send me their promised posts.  No worries! I imagine there will be a sudden surge in about three weeks. In the meantime, I thought I would mention some of what I have been up to so far this Summer.

First, I was a gust for an In Review Discussion at The Chronic Rift. I’d love to know what everyone thinks about it, because I have a tendency to be unable to listen to my own voice when I am on a podcast! I realize this must seem funny since I am still (albeit slowly) planning a podcast of my own, but once it is out there for the world to hear, I can’t bear to listen.  Anyway, it was great fun to be a guest, and I had a chance to talk about the Rossell Hope Robbins Library’s website, which made me happy.  If you are here because you listened to the podcast, drop me a note! I’m still interested in having guest bloggers, too!

After the podcast was recorded, we were off to Orlando for my sister-in-law’s wedding. We had a lovely time, and we were able to get passes to take the kids to Universal Studios (nice to have family members who are employees!). The wedding was picture-perfect, and we discovered that the Little Dude (our five-year-old) LOVES to dance. He was on the dancefloor the second it opened, and he danced like a fiend until there was a slow song, at which point he would jet back to the table to down as much lemonade as possible before the fun music started again. We also caught some time by the pool and played some miniature golf.  The sprawl was very different from New York, and it took a couple days to get used to how leisurely most people walk and how tough it can be to navigate in a car.

While we were away, we received the heartbreaking news that my husband’s uncle had passed away. He was a wonderful person, full of love and always kind to everyone. He will be missed very much. I am glad that everyone was able to find travel arrangements to make it to the funeral, and I hope that he somehow felt the love being sent to him by all who were gathered.

Two days later, we were back on the road, headed for Shore Leave 33! We drove through thunderstorms the entire time and I only just managed to pick up our badges and make it to the roast of Bob Greenberger on time.  The weekend was awesome, and my husband (Aaron Rosenberg) was on many panels that I wish I could have seen (If anyone reading this was there, please tell me about it!). I did get to attend a couple panels on my own, too. I have to say that the Being Human panel left so much to be desired. There were only two guys on the panel (and it needed a woman!), and they really didn’t seem very focused.  It seemed odd to be in the audience for a panel for one of my favorite shows, and to feel that the people speaking really weren’t sure what they were talking about. When it turned out that I had seen the original pilot and they hadn’t, I must admit that I was rather annoyed that I had not been on that panel, especially since I had talked up Being Human on the British TV panel the previous year.

However, this was more than made up for by the fact that I was able to sit in on a panel for A Game of Thrones! That panel was brilliant! We had myself and Lisa McMullan, who love the books and the series, and Alan Kistler and David Alan Mack, who had not read the books but were analyzing the show from a technical/film perspective. The audience was excellent, and everyone was involved in the discussion. We covered all manner of topics related to the show and the books, and Lisa and I even got to tell everyone about how we say “Corn!” every time there is a raven on screen. 😉

Now I am back to my regular full-time mom, full-time student, and always looking for freelance work state of existence. I made some pink grapefruit and coconut bath bombs yesterday, and today I will be getting the ingredients to make andalusian gazpacho for dinner sometime soon. As much as i would love to be sipping mai tais on a tropical beach somewhere, I am also considering just taking the kids to the shore locally and eating Italian ices under a beach umbrella.

But first, I am going this weekend to become a zombie for a documentary that is being shot in the city.  As the official Zombie Correspondant for Comic Mix, I feel that it is highly important that I experience the transformation for a day.

I hope everyone out there is having a brilliant Summer!



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