Encouraging Positive Change

Tomorrow, I plan to take some time out from my usual reading, writing, blogging, tweeting, housework, and PTA duties. Instead of searching for a way to cram all of those activities into a single day, I am going to make a stand, in my own way, against all of the hate in our society today. I’ve read the news, signed petitions, and gotten involved in discussions about the recent tragedy in Arizona, and my first thought – as it is whenever I hear about something so heartbreaking – was “What can I do to help?”

There is a blood drive in my neighborhood tomorrow, and I plan to donate. Of all the things I have ever donated – food, clothes, time, money, jewelry I had crafted, etc., blood is the most valuable. As my American Red Cross donor card states, one pint of blood can save up to three lives. Three! In a world where it seems like you never really know what lies around the corner, and violence has become the norm, I find it to be so very vital that we remember that we’re all on this planet together.

Nothing I can do will erase the violent acts, the bloodshed, or the tears of the past. But, when I do something that could save someone’s life, or even just make it a little better, I hope that those actions will send some more positive energy out into the universe and perhaps help to clear the clouds of hatred from someone’s eyes or help someone to think twice about committing a hurtful act.

We, as a species, need to stop thinking about our fellow humans as enemies. We can all contribute a little something to improve the quality of life for everyone. Whether we have enough to make a monetary contribution to a reputable charity (I wish I could right now!), or perhaps the free time to volunteer, some old clothes that someone else could use, or even a smile for someone who looks like they feel all alone. We all have something – no matter how big or small – that could help to counter the negativity, selfishness, and hatred in our world.


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