I-Con 29 went swimmingly well! It was great to be back, and for the convention to be back on the Stonybrook campus! I saw old friends, made new ones, and had an excellent time!

My first panel was on Women in Gaming, and we had an excellent group of panelists as well as a bright and inquisitive group of attendees. One of the attendees was named Mandisa Washington, and she is making a documentary about geek culture. She asked if I would like to be interviewed for the documentary, and of course I agreed! I must admit, I was a little nervous about being on film for some reason, but it was still an awesome experience! You can check out information about the documentary here, at Very cool stuff! 🙂

My second panel was about being a gamemaster. It was an awesome panel, and my fellow panelists had a wide range of experience, which made for a fun and lively discussion. I hope to be have the honor of again being a guest at I-Con next year, because it was excellent!

Right now, I am following up on leads I received while at both March conventions and putting together a few articles, which I will link to once they are live.

Have a lovely day!

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